Hi everyone!

Valerie, Camila and Delaney here! We are the Creators behind the shop! 

We started this shop to make and spread a little bit of magic and pixie dust! We hope to make high quality products that would create happy memories and moments that stand the test of time and sometimes even the Florida weather,so they could be enjoyed for many years to come!

All of our products are made to order- by all of us!

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction with both our products and customer service. We do our very best to communicate, to be open and honest and make every customer so excited about our products that they return for more magic!

Being small business owners has been the most exciting challenge! This adventure has opened many doors and led us to many wonderful people! We are so excited about the future Shop The Magic Co. and hope you are a part of it!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our shop!